Shooting Fender artist Nikki Stephens in streets Long Beach, California for her band Teenage Ritual. I used just one Speedotron Explorer with two 102 heads.

I positioned the backlight with a red gel attached inside a doorway set to 1000w/s. I used a Speedotron beauty dish set to 500 w/s on the far left side of Nikki to light her, but also to blend the background colors. There was a small bit of Photoshop work done to remove the cords, but that was about it. 

Most of the work for this type of photo comes with scouting locations, you need a target-rich environment. I LOVE using my Explorers because I use every bit of that 1500 w/s to control my lighting. Did I mention this was shot in the middle of the day? SPEEDOTRON EXPLORERS ROCK!   

Robert Downs Photography, Speedotron Pro

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