Commercial, Industrial Applications, Portrait and High-volume photography

In addition to the demands of the commercial photographic industry Speedotron is also one of the most widely used flash systems in industry.  Because of its tremendous power, durability and longevity, Speedotron can be found in a vast array of industrial applications including:

  • Aviation Aerospace
  • Defense / Military
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems  (ITS)
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control / Inspection

Speedotron is designed and manufactured in USA just outside of Chicago,  Speedotron has an in-house engineering group that is capable of meeting the needs of any industrial challenge.

Featured Services

Rocket Science

Rocket Science

No problem!  We’ve built lights for NASA used in outer space.  We light the wings of Jet planes.  And like Superman’s x-ray vision we can see inside the wings of fighter jets with infrared thermography!

Power / Speed

Speedotron is the fastest, most powerful strobe in world, up to 9,600 w/s per flash and duration up to 1/5000 second.  We also have an extremely slow flash duration for use in ballistics photography


We’ve designed specialty, industrial flash tubes that can be fired over a million times.  Our stadium strobes fire over 40,000 times per year and have a usable life measured in decades.  We have boxes that are air tight, dust free and can take the heat.

Featured Project

Robotic NDT Thermal Imaging:  General Electric developed this robotic thermal imaging device featuring Speedotron strobes which
can deliver over 19 megajoules of power to see beneath the service of a formed part.  This device is for imaging a 10-foot polymer
engine nacelle component.  Imaging is done in 4 shots – each covering 5’x5’ areas. The inspection takes approximately ½ hour, replacing
an ultrasonic inspection normally taking 8 hours. This ideal for structural, aircraft components, healthcare, and education.


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