Thank you for your interest in Speedotron.

The following is a short collection of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Speedotron product line.

Question Can I buy directly from Speedotron?
AnswerYes, but we cannot give you the kind of discount a dealer can offer. Please look at – WHERE TO PURCHASE – on our web site,; e-mail us your questions at or give us a call at: (630) 246-5001
Question How long will it take to repair my Speedotron equipment?
AnswerRepairs are done on a first come first serve basis and could take up to twenty business days depending on our work load. You will be contacted, with an estimate after a tech has evaluated your equipment. Once the estimate is approved the work will be completed within 2-3 business days and your equipment will be sent back.

For better service please do the following:
1) Describe the problem that each item has.
2) Do not send any power cables.
3) Do not send any modeling lamps.
4) If possible send light units with protective tube covers.
5) Use a strong box. Wrap light units in bubble wrap and use plenty of newspaper for additional protection.
6) Consider using Mail Boxes Etc. or a similar company for packing.

Where do I send it?

Send repairs to:
Speedotron Corp
1268 Humbracht Circle
Bartlett, IL 60103
Attn: Repair Dept

Question Does Speedotron have a book on lighting?
AnswerWe do not have a book on lighting. Look in the photography section of your neighborhood library, book store or the camera store near you.
Question Should I keep a spare flashtube around?
AnswerIf you are traveling on location or are in a situation where your flashtubes may readily be broken, we would definitely recommend that you carry a spare. If you are working in a studio that seldom uses all light units, and a new flashtube can be shipped to you within a day, it is not quite as important to keep a spare. Flashtubes have a one year warranty from their original manufacturers, so keeping many spares around may be costly in the rare instance that one of them should be defective when you finally put it into service. Consider however, the cost of a lost photo opportunity for the lack of a spare.
Question What is the difference between Brown Line and Black Line?
AnswerThe two lines were designed for photographers with different needs. The Brown Line is often considered a “Portrait system” and Black Line is a “Commercial system.” This is an arbitrary designation, since the requirements of photographers are varied. Both have the same quality, reliability and longevity when used normally. The Brown Line is a greater value for those who do not need to use motor drive cameras at fast rates and very high power.
For those who need the speed and power, Black Line is the choice.
Question Are Brown Line and Black Line interchangeable?
AnswerNo!!! Brown Line light units cannot be used on Black Line power supplies and Black Line lights cannot be used on Brown Line packs. Many accessories, such as some reflectors (If you don’t mind the brown-black color clash), grids, snoots, umbrellas, etc. can be interchanged between the lines.
Question I have an older Speedotron model system that is at least twenty years old. What can I do to make it compatible with my modern digital camera and not fry the electronics?
AnswerPlease Call (630) 246-5001
Question What is the difference between clear and color corrected flashtubes?
AnswerClear flashtubes are slightly higher in color temperature (bluer) than 5500Ük and color corrected flashtubes have a slightly golden tint to correct for this blue. Clear flashtubes can be used for all black and white photographs as well as color negative photos. Color corrected tubes are most useful for a warming the subject when transparency film is used, since any excess blue will not be eliminated by the photo lab during printing.
Question I always use color negative film; will color corrected flashtubes help me?
AnswerThere are occasions when color corrected tubes can be indispensable even with color negative film. This is when certain clothing or fabrics with synthetic whiteners are photographed. These subjects can fluoresce under the added UV light of uncorrected flashtubes and produce unexpected color shifts. These shifts can be reduced or eliminated by the use of color corrected flashtubes.
Question Does Speedotron equipment work with digital cameras?
AnswerYes, most digital cameras work with Speedotron equipment. Older power supplies must be used with low voltage sync adapters, catalog #852900. Speedotron power supplies that are marked “LOW VOLTAGE” or “LV” work great with digital cameras.
Question My camera does not have a PC inlet, and the camera manufacturer recommends low voltage triggers on all lighting systems. Is Speedotron safe to use with my camera? How can I hook up the camera to a Speedotron lighting system?
AnswerIf your camera has a hot shoe mount we highly recommend the Safe Sync Hot Shoe Adapter, catalog #852885. This will allow you to connect the PC cord from the power supply to your camera.
Question Does Speedotron have a trade in program?
AnswerUnfortunately, we do not have a trade in program. We suggest that you see the nearest Speedotron dealer in your area.
Question Will I see a difference in my portraits if two of my light units have color corrected flashtubes and one has a clear flashtube?
AnswerYes. You will see a difference. Photographers normally use the same kind of flashtubes throughout the lighting setup. There are however some photographers that will intentionally use color corrected flashtubes to warm up the skin tones of the subject and use clear flashtubes to cool down the color of the background.