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External Diffusers

We offer four kinds of external diffuser for our entire range of Softlights:

Standard nylon diffuser
Comes with every new MOLA Reflector. Adding a soft touch of diffusion while keeping the distinct MOLA light Characteristics. Reduces output by 1/ 2 stop.

Mesh diffuser
The mesh diffuser is an open weave material. The result is a very subtle diffusion of light. Reduces output by 1/3 stop.

LW diffuser
Similar to the “standard nylon diffuser” the light weight diffuser is a breathable fabric, which allows more air to pass through the material. It is not as dense and allows for less diffusion than our “standard nylon”.

The LW diffuser is used when heat build up is an issue, with HMI and when minimal diffusion is required. Reduces output by 1/3 stop.

LW vented diffuser
Like the light weight diffuser above, except this diffuser has an additional 3/4″ vent at the top. This vent makes it ideal for tungsten and HMI continuous lighting which generate heat.

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in

Demi (22"), Euro (33.5"), Mantti (43.5"), Rayo (16"), Setti/Sollo (28")

Diffuser Material

Light Weight Vented, Light-Weight, Mesh, Nylon


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