Model 2403
SERIES-3 Studio | 2400 w/s Power Supply

The Studio Standard.

  • 4-stop range Variable Power Control
  • Powers up to 6 light units at a time with strategically set light ratios.
  • Output range of 50-2400 w/s through a single head
  • Asymmetrical Selector multiplies head power combinations


  • 110
  • 220
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The 2403CX LV power supply offers 2400 watt-seconds of power coupled with an unparalled 53 light ratio options and dial-down power control. It offers maximum versatility and sophisticated light control.

Power distribution is symmetrical/asymmetrical from one to six light units. The variable power control changes flash power in 10 increments to -3 f-stops (1/8 power). Power levels can also be changed with the optional remote to allow exposure brack-eting from camera position. Recycle time is a fast 2 seconds at full power. The guide number is 710 at ISO 100. Flash duration range from 1/450 sec. to 1/1300 sec. with the 103C light unit.

The visual/audible ready signal illuminates and beeps when the power level is 100%. Push to flash is built into the ready light. Other features include on/off model lamp switch, ¬? sync outlet, push to reset circuit breaker, fast/slow recycle, and low voltage trigger circuit for safe digital camera operation. Auto dump oc-curs when changing power levels or when the unit is turned off.

  • Flash Power (watt-seconds): 2400
  • Fast Recycle Full Power: 2.0 sec
  • Slow Recycle: Yes
  • Power Distribution: Sym./Asym.
  • Ratio Combinations: 53
  • Variable Power Control: Flash Only
  • Power Levels: Full to 1/8
  • Guide Number: 710
  • Flash Duration Full Power: 1/300 sec.
Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 12 in


Fan Cooled


Flash Duration


Guide Number


Max Num. Light Units


Optical Slave


Power Levels

Full to 1/8

Power Supply (ws)


Ratio Combinations


Recycle Modes

Fast and Slow

Recycle Time




Variable Power Control



110, 220