Model 2401
SERIES-1 Commercial/Industrial | 2400 w/s Power Supply

The workhorse of the industry.

  • The fastest strobe in the world–1/1175 second
  • Designed to perform at full power, continuously for decades
  • The ultimate in reliability, durability and consistency
  • “Tank Tough” Commercial / Industrial performance
  • Can power up to 6 lights at a time at strategic 3-1 ratios.
  • Extreme Quad Capable*


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Sports Photographers told Speedotron they needed power, rapid recycle and continuous flashing over prolonged periods. The purpose: A reliable 2400 watt-second power supply that stops motion and captures fast action sequences. Speedotron successfully responded to these requirements with the 2401SX2 LV power supply. The 2401SX2 LV has been installed in professional and collegiate sports venues all across the country and is the benchmark others strive to equal.ÿ These units get fired tens of thousands of times per year at full power for decades.  The 2401 has been modified run the 105 Extreme Quad light unit delivering flash duration of 1/1175w/s.  The Extreme Quad modification is available in 2403 and 4803 power supplies.

While fast is good, fast and reliable is better. The 2401SX2 LV has been updated for today?s digital cameras and style of shooting. The pack uses high quality components, wire and circuitry to produce a rock solid and dependable power supply. This is a must when many power supplies are installed in the rafters of an arena or other remote locations. When it?s game time, sports photographers count on 2401SX2 LV to deliver flash after flash, every time all the time, from the starting whistle to game end.

The 2401SX2 LV isn?t just for sports. It is an ideal power supply for fashion, commercial and industrial applications that require high light output, motion control and sequencing. Symmetrical or asymmetrical power can be distributed to one or up to six Black Line light units.

The ready signal is visual and illuminates when the power level is 100%. Other features include ¬? sync outlet, push to reset circuit breaker, fast/slow recycle, low voltage trigger circuit for safe dig-ital camera operation, model lamp switch and auto dump when power levels are changed or the unit is turned off.

* X-Treme Quad:  This power supply is capable of running all 4 lights in the 105 head at the same time achieving the fastest flash duration in the world at full power.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in
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California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING