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Please read the following information. It will help us provide you with quality service and the best possible turn-around times. If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our Repair Department at (630)-233-1545. You may also e-mail us at Our Repair Department hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time.

Repair Estimate/Request Form


Stands, Eclipse umbrellas, flash tubes, modeling lamps, parabolic reflectors and most accessory items cannot be economically repaired. Products under warranty that cannot be repaired will be replaced. The customer should replace products out of warranty that cannot be repaired. Certain discontinued or obsolete power supplies and light units cannot be repaired by Speedotron. For independent technicians who repair discontinued products, please go to the list of authorized service agents. If you are not sure that a product can be repaired, please contact our Repair Department for verification.

Warranty repairs must be accompanied by the proof of purchase or a copy of the sales receipt and the completed The Repair Estimate/Request Form. The products will be examined by our technicians, replaced or repaired and shipped back to you at no charge. The repaired product will be warranted for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase or the remainder of the new product warranty whichever is longer.


All items for repair must be sent to Speedotron prepaid. All products repaired under warranty will be returned at Speedotrons expense by normal ground transportation. All out-of-warranty items sent for repair must be sent to Speedotron prepaid. Products repaired out of warranty will be returned at the customer’s expense. The Repair Estimate/Request Form must be completed and returned with all warranty and out of warranty repairs Send repairs to: Speedotron Repair Department 1268 Humbracht Circle Bartlett, Illinois 60103-1631


Please do send monolights, power supplies, light units or other items that are repairable. Complete the Repair Estimate/Request Form for both in and out of warranty repairs. Make certain to complete the “Description of problem(s)” section.


Please do not send discontinued or obsolete items that cannot be repaired. Please do not send flash tubes, modeling lamps, reflectors, power cords or sync cords, unless you think these items are part of the problem and you cannot test them.


Return the item to be repaired in its original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging, ship the unit in a strong carton with 3″ or more packing material surrounding the item. Please do not use packing “peanuts”. Peanuts and similar materials can break up and go through the vents on a monolight or power supply possibly causing additional problems. Remember to include the Repair Estimate/Request Form.


All out-of-warranty repairs will receive an estimate before the repair is started. There is a $35.00 evaluation charge. If you approve the estimate, the $35.00 evaluation charge is waived. If you want the item to be repaired without an estimate, write the following statement in the special instructions section of the Repair Estimate/Request Form. “This repair is preapproved up to $____________ including shipping charges and taxes”. Sign the statement and include your credit card number, expiration and three digit (four digits AMEX) security number on the back of the card. An estimate is the approximate cost to repair the product. Occasionally, our technicians may find unforeseen problems that can cause the repair cost to exceed the estimate. We will notify you as soon as possible if the repair cost exceeds the estimate.


For an additional charge of $35.00, Speedotron can repair your unit and return it to you within two business days from the date of receipt. Please notify us that you need rush service before you ship the product. Mark the carton and Repair Estimate/Request Form “RUSH REPAIR”.


All repairs are payable by check or credit card, and are subject to shipping charges and applicable sales taxes.


All out-of-warranty repairs made by Speedotron have a 90 day warranty from the date of the repair. Repairs made under warranty have the same 90 day warranty or the remainder of the new product warranty whichever is longer.


We have a select inventory of refurbished monolights and power supplies that have been returned to us, put through the production process, and then again retested to ensure they meet all original factory specifications. Contact our Repair Department for more information on available units for sale. For more information or questions about service and repair, please contact us at: Speedotron Repair Department 1268 Humbracht Circle Bartlett, IL 60103-1631 Phone: 630-233-1545 email:

Repair Form (PDF)